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Film Terminology

Cinematic terms, also called film terminology, are a type of vocabulary that is used to describe or identify what happens on the screen. These terms can be grouped into three categories: technical, vernacular, and slang.

Elements of Film is a way to compose every scene in a film and constitute the essence of film. There are five elements of film which is narrative, cinematography, sound, mise-en-scene, and editing. These five elements help determine the film and a way to judge a film.

Film Terminology PDF

1. AuteurA filmmaker, typically a director, who has a distinct and personal artistic vision that is evident in their work.
2. BlockingThe arrangement and movement of actors and objects in a scene.
3. CinematographyThe art and technique of capturing and manipulating images on film or digital media.
4. Close-up (CU)A shot that focuses closely on a subject, typically showing their face or a specific detail.
5. Cross-cuttingEditing technique that alternates between two or more separate scenes or storylines to create tension or parallelism.
6. Dolly ShotA camera mounted on a wheeled platform (dolly) used to create smooth, moving shots.
7. Establishing ShotA wide shot at the beginning of a scene that sets the location or context.
8. FoleyThe process of adding post-production sound effects to a film to enhance the audio experience.
9. Frame RateThe number of individual frames or images shown per second, typically measured in frames per second (fps).
10. GenreA category or type of film characterized by common themes, styles, and subject matter.
11. High Key LightingLighting that is bright and evenly distributed, minimizing shadows and creating a cheerful or upbeat atmosphere.
12. In-camera EditingThe process of creating the final sequence of shots by filming them in the desired order.
13. Jump CutAn abrupt transition between two shots with a noticeable discontinuity, often used for dramatic effect.
14. Key GripThe head of the grip department, responsible for rigging and operating equipment to move and support the camera.
15. Location ScoutingThe process of searching for and selecting shooting locations outside of a studio or controlled environment.
16. MontageA sequence of rapidly edited shots or scenes that convey a passage of time or information.
17. Non-linear EditingEditing where scenes or shots can be rearranged and edited out of sequence, common in digital editing.
18. OverexposureWhen too much light reaches the camera’s sensor or film, resulting in an overly bright image.
19. Post-productionThe phase of filmmaking that occurs after shooting, including editing, sound design, and visual effects.
20. ReelA container for film stock or a section of a film, typically around 10 minutes in length.
21. SFX (Special Effects)Visual or practical effects created to enhance or manipulate scenes in a film.
22. Tracking ShotA shot where the camera moves smoothly along a predetermined path to follow the action.
23. UnderexposureWhen too little light reaches the camera’s sensor or film, resulting in a dark or underlit image.
24. Voiceover (VO)Narration or commentary provided by a character or unseen narrator, typically not seen on screen.
25. ZoomA shot that changes the focal length of the lens to make the subject appear closer (zoom in) or farther (zoom out).
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Film Terminology

Film Terminology PDF Free Download

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