Biosash Products Price List 2024 PDF

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Biosash Products Price List 2024

“Biosash” is a premier health and wellness organization offering world-class nutritional juices and supplements, beauty care products, personal care products , food products and many more. Biosash’s dedicated team of professionals who have vast experience in herbal products research and development, manufacturing and sales have developed a range of life changing, and unique immunity boosting products which have a measurable positive impact on your health.

Biosash Products Price List

Code Product Name Quantity MRP
STRJUC Seabuckthorn Stressaid Juice 250ml 1530
BIOJUC Seabuckthorn Bioradiance Juice 250ml 1500
GILJUC Seabuckthorn Giloysash Juice 250ml 1475
LIVJUC Seabuckthorn Livosash Juice 250ml 1530
DIGJUC Seabuckthorn Digestosash Juice 250ml 1500
LSCUP Leucosash Capsules 60 Capsules 850
TRMJCE Sea buckthorn Trimfit Juice 750ml 1950
RHZJUC Fresh Turmeric Rhizome Juice With Guggul 250ml 840
SBTSSC Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Capsule 30 Capsules 1800
DSCUP Diabosash Capsules 60 Capsules 1150
CARJUC Seabuckthorn Cardiosash Juice 250ml 1530
FEMJUC Sea buckthorn Femsash Juice 250ml 1500
SBTBOC Seabuckthorn Berry Oil Capsule 30 Capsules 1800
DETJUC Seabuckthorn Detoxo Juice 250ml 1475
MEMJUC Sea buckthorn Memorysash Juice 250ml 1500
COCOST Cocosash Tablets 60 Capsules 1350
EMXJUC Sea buckthorn Empower-X Juice 250ml 1530
FERJUC Sea buckthorn Ferrosash Juice 250ml 1475
WLLASH Wellsash Seabuckthorn Juice with Seabuckthorn Seed Oil 750ml 4500
SBTIMJ Sea buckthorn Immunosash Juice 750ml 4500
NONIST Nonisash Capsule 60 Capsules 800
SBTTOL Seabuckthorn With Turmeric Oil 750ml 2100
HPFGOC Fenugreek Oil Capsule 60 Capsules 1800
EMPJCE Sea buckthorn Empower Juice 750ml 1950
WHGAST Whegasash Capsule 60 Capsules 800
PANTUL Panch Tulsi Drops 20ml 400
OSCPUP Orthosash Capsule 60 Capsules 850
SBTJCE Seabuckthorn Juice 750ml 1950
SPRUST Spirusash 60 Capsules 800
HPBSOC Black Seed Oil Capsule 60 Capsules 1800
PRD0046 Trimfit Tablet 60 Tablets 1150
DIAJCE Sea buckthorn Diabo Juice 750ml 1950
PRD0047 Empower Tablets 60 Tablets 1150
PRD0048 Femsash Tablets 60 Tablets 1150
PRD0049 Collagen Builder Tablets 60 Tablets 1150
PRD0051 Empower-X Tablets 30 Tablets 1950
PRD0052 Urisash Tablets 60 Tablets 1150
PRD0054 Speed IN 20 Tablets 2200
PRD0055 Sun Rise Syrup 200 ML 3300

This is the price list of only the healthcare products, to check prices of all Biosash products, download the PDF using the download link below.

Biosash introduced the world to Sea buckthorn. The rare concentration of Sea buckthorn creates the opportunity for a happier, healthier, wealthier life. Find the wellness you’re looking for.

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Biosash Products Price List 2024

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