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A Raisin In The Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a classic American play written by Lorraine Hansberry in 1959. The play explores the lives of the Younger family, an African American family living in a cramped apartment on the south side of Chicago. The family is awaiting the arrival of a $10,000 insurance check, which they hope will provide them with the opportunity to escape poverty and achieve their dreams.

About A Raisin In The Sun

The play addresses issues of race, class, and the American Dream, as the Younger family navigates the challenges of living in a society that is hostile to their dreams and aspirations. The play’s title comes from a line in Langston Hughes’ poem “Harlem,” which asks, “What happens to a dream deferred? / Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?”

A Raisin in the Sun has been highly regarded as a groundbreaking work in American theater, as it was one of the first plays to feature a predominantly African American cast and to address issues of race and discrimination in a realistic and nuanced way. The play’s themes and characters continue to resonate with audiences today, as it continues to be produced and performed in theaters around the world.

The play has been adapted into several other forms of media, including a film adaptation in 1961 and a television adaptation in 2008. The play has also been studied extensively in academic settings, as it continues to provide valuable insights into the social, cultural, and political issues of the time period in which it was written.

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A Raisin In The Sun

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