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75 Soft Challenge

The 75 Soft Challenge is a 75-day self-improvement program that aims to help participants develop mental toughness and discipline. This challenge was created by entrepreneur and author Andy Frisella and has gained popularity worldwide. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, develop better habits, or simply challenge yourself, the 75 Soft Challenge is an excellent option to consider.

75 Soft Challenge Book

The 75 Soft Challenge involves following a strict routine that includes two daily workouts, one of which must be outdoors, following a healthy diet with no cheat meals or alcohol, drinking a gallon of water per day, and reading at least ten pages of non-fiction books per day. Additionally, participants must take progress photos every day, practice daily gratitude, and avoid all other challenges or temptations that could interfere with their progress.

The 75 Soft Challenge is not for everyone as it requires a significant amount of commitment and self-discipline. However, those who complete the challenge often report a sense of accomplishment and newfound mental toughness that extends beyond the 75-day period.

In addition to the physical benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating, completing the 75 Soft Challenge can also help develop a strong sense of discipline and focus, which can be applied to various areas of life.

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75 Soft Challenge

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