12th English Important Question 2023 PDF

12th English Important Question 2023 PDF Download

12th English Important Question 2023 PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of 12th English Important Question 2023 using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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12th English Important Question 2023 PDF

12th English Important Question 2023 PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

The English paper is always tricky, and students have a lot to discuss after the exams. On that note, we bring you the official 12th English Important Question 2023 PDF can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page. The CBSE English core paper consisted 80 marks and a duration of 3 hours.

The English exam was divided into the following three sections: Section A: Reading (20 Marks), Section B: Creative Writing (20 Marks), Section C: Literature (40 Marks).

12th English Important Question 2023 PDF


  1. Who did the narrator meet at the outskirts of Verona?
  2. Why did the driver not approve of the narrator buying fruits from the boys?
  3. The boys did not spend much on clothes and food. Why?
  4. Were the boys saving money to go the States? How do you know?
  5. Why did the author avoid going to Lucia‟s room?
  6. What was Lucia suffering from?
  7. What made the boys join the resistance movement against the Germans?
  8. What made the boys work so hard?
  9. Why didn‟t the boys disclose their problem to the author?
  10. Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo.
  11. What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?
  12. How did the narrator help the boys on Sunday?
  13. Who took the author to the cubicle?
  14. Describe the girl with whom the boys were talking to in the cubicle.
  15. Recount the untold sufferings undergone by the siblings after they were rendered homeless.
  16. The narrator did not utter a word and preferred to keep the secret to himself. Why? Substantiate the statement with reference to the story.


  1. What seems „curious‟ to the author?
  2. Why does the author say that it is important to include a tea recipe in cookery books?
  3. Mention the countries in which tea is a part of civilization.
  4. Which tea does the author prefer–China tea or Indian tea?
  5. According to the author, what does the phrase „a nice cup of tea‟ refer to?
  6. What is the second golden rule in the preparation of tea?
  7. How does army tea taste?
  8. Do tea lovers generally like strong tea or weak tea?
  9. Why should tea be directly added to the pot?
  10. Why does the author prefer the cylindrical cup to a flat cup?
  11. What should be poured into the cup first–tea or milk?
  12. Why does the author advise removing cream from the milk?
  13. Does the author like drinking tea with sugar? Give reasons.
  14. Why does the author refer to himself as being in „a minority‟?
  15. Whom does the author call „misguided people‟? What is his advice to them?
  16. What are the author‟s views on China tea?
  17. How does adding sugar affect the taste of tea?
  18. Elucidate the author‟s ideas about teapots.


  1. What thoughts troubled Dr. Christiaan Barnard as he neared the end of his career as a heart surgeon?
  2. What were Dr. Barnard‟s feelings when he was hospitalized after an accident?
  3. When and where did the accident occur?
  4. How did the hospitalization of Dr. Barnard and his wife affect their routine?
  5. How was Dr. Barnard‟s attitude to suffering different from that of his father‟s?
  6. How was the unattended trolley put to use?
  7. What roles did the duo take up?
  8. Why did the choice of roles prove to be easy for them?
  9. Who encouraged them and how?
  10. What does Dr. Barnard compare this entertainment to?
  11. What happened in the grand finale?
  12. How does Dr. Barnard know the boy who played the trolley‟s driver?
  13. What was the profound lesson that Dr. Barnard learnt from the boys?
  14. Detail the statistics Dr. Barnard has provided in his speech.
  15. What happened when the doctor couple were crossing the street?
  16. What injuries did they sustain in the accident?
  17. Dr. Barnard couldn‟t find any nobility in suffering. Why?
  18. Why does Dr. Barnard find suffering of children heartbreaking?
  19. How did the boy who played the mechanic lose his eyesight?
  20. Why does Dr. Barnard describe the blind boy as a „walking horror‟?
  21. What were the problems the trolley driver suffered from?


  1. Which is considered the oldest work in Tamil? When was it written?
  2. What is the evidence that supports the finding of the oldest Tamil work?
  3. Mention the Tamil works that date to the first two centuries of the current era.
  4. Name the great Tamil work that speaks volumes on ethics.
  5. What are the other classical languages mentioned by the author?
  6. Can you define and list the themes explored in Tamil Literature? Why?
  7. What is unique about Tamil and its sources?
  8. Modern Indian languages are productive on earth. Why does the author say so?
  9. Which language is as old as Latin?
  10. Why is it said that Tamil has the most independent tradition?
  11. What is the role of Classical Tamil in Modern Tamil and Malayalam?
  12. Supreme works in Tamil elevate it to be treated as sacred as the Vedas. How?
  13. Tamil is a touchstone to understand the Dravidian‟s nature and development. Elucidate.
  14. How do you correlate the richness of Tamil language with Indian culture?

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