OT Instruments Name List PDF

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OT Instruments Name List

A surgical instrument is a medical device for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue, or to provide access for viewing it. Over time, many different kinds of surgical instruments and tools have been invented.

Instruments in OT may be used for manipulation, retraction, cutting, suturing, suction and other purposes. There are typically three basic types of lamps used in an operating theatre environment – Incandescent, Gas Discharge and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Incandescent and gas discharge lamps have traditionally been the main lamp types, utilizing halogen, tungsten, xenon, and quartz.

OT Instruments Name List PDF

Instrument NameDescription
ScalpelSurgical knife used for making incisions
ForcepsGrasping and holding tissue or objects
ScissorsCutting instruments for various tasks
HemostatsUsed to control bleeding by clamping blood vessels
Needle HolderHolds and manipulates needles for suturing
SutureThread used to stitch incisions and wounds
RetractorsInstruments to hold back tissue and provide exposure
TrocarsSharp-pointed instruments used for puncturing
DilatorsUsed to enlarge openings or passages
ClampsGrasping and holding vessels or tissue
ElectrocauteryUses heat to cut or coagulate tissue
Suction DeviceRemoves fluids and debris from the surgical area
SpeculumInstruments for opening and holding body cavities
LaparoscopeCamera-equipped tool for minimally invasive surgery
Bone RongeursCutting and removing bone during orthopedic procedures
Surgical DrillUsed for drilling holes into bone
GraspersInstruments to grab and manipulate tissue or objects
Ligature DeviceApplies and secures sutures around blood vessels
Anesthesia EquipmentDevices for administering anesthesia
Tissue ForcepsUsed to hold and manipulate delicate tissue
Tissue ScissorsSpecialized scissors for cutting delicate tissue
Towel ClampsSecures towels or drapes on the patient
Surgical Suction TubingConnects to suction device for fluid removal
Needle Decompression InstrumentsUsed for decompressing tension pneumothorax
OsteotomeChisel-like instrument for cutting bone
Surgical CuretteUsed for scraping or removing tissue
Surgical SnaresUsed for capturing and removing polyps or growths

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OT Instruments Name List

OT Instruments Name List PDF Free Download

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