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Moonwalking with Einstein

Moonwalking with Einstein Book Foer draws on research, the cultural history of memory and the techniques of ‘mental atheletes’ to transform the understanding of human remembering. He learned the ancient methods used by Cicero and Medieval scholars. He met amnesiacs, neuroscientists and savants – including a man who claims to have memorized more than nine thousand books. In doing so, he intends to reveal the hidden impact of memory on life, and shows how we can all improve our memories.

The Art and Science of Remembering Everything is a nonfiction book by Joshua Foer, first published in 2011. Foer describes his book as participatory journalism in the world of competitive memorization and attempts to delineate the capacity of the human mind. He sets out to investigate the underpinnings of those with enhanced memory, soon finding himself at the 2005 U.S. Memory Championship. He covers the scientific basis of memory creation and historical attitudes towards memory, including its negative reputation in the Western educational system, a perception which Foer is largely opposed to.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary

Josh a journalist, covering the 2005 US Memory champs meets Ed Cooke, an English memory grandmaster who tells him a little more about the unknown world of ‘mental athletes’.

Basically begins to realise that people with photographic/rain man type memories probably don’t exist, or very very few at least. Even the best ‘mental athletes’ and the most intelligent people still have average memories. The big difference is that they are far better at using their brains effectively. A skill that Ed Cooke insists anyone can achieve with a little training.

First introduced to an ancient memory technique known as ‘The Memory Palace.’ A 2,500 year old mnemonic technique. A memory was so much more vital many years ago and your memory was a fundamental tool. Many thought that the need for a good memory became redundant once books and media was mass and digitally produced.

Tony Buzan thinks otherwise. He is the leader of the renaissance of memory training and founded the memory championships in 1991. He has made a fortune world wide selling his self help books as well as franchising his memory training to consultants all over the world. Buzan declares that people have gotten sloppy with their minds. People assume a decline in memory is a natural decline, however Buzan argues that it’s more because people don’t keep exercise their brains like you would a muscle you wanted to keep in shape.

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Moonwalking with Einstein

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