Living Room Interior Design PDF

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Living Room Interior Design

You spend so much time in your living room, it must not only look amazing but also be functional and pleasant. Mastering this trifecta might be a design challenge, but they have compiled a list of the top living room examples to help you get started on your own projects.

There’s a living room idea for everyone below, from modern and formal places to welcoming and rustic settings.

Made A Focal Point

Decorate the living room’s double-height walls with wall art, wallpaper, textured paint, 3D wall panels, or stone cladding to make them a focal feature. Instead of displaying a selection of artworks, choose one statement item and place it at eye level. Alternatively, to establish a unified effect, use artworks, photographs, and prints with the same topic. If there is a staircase in the living room, make sure to include its design into the decor.

For Layered Lighting

Arrange the light fixtures in the living area on different levels. This inhibits the formation of shadows or dark spots in the space. To emphasize distinct ornamental aspects in the area, use floor lamps and ceiling-mounted lights or track lighting. Tall mirrors, which reflect both artificial and natural light, can be used as a design feature to boost brightness.

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Living Room Interior Design by Hettich PDF

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