Electro Homeopathy Medicine List

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Electro Homeopathy Medicine List

These medicines are only for qualified practitioners, not sale for the general public.

These medicines are made in Germany according to spagyric method after Krauss and Zimpel well described in German homeopathic pharmacopoeia (GHP).

Electro Homeopathic remedies are seven in Group, OF THREE PRINCIPAL AND FOUR SPECIAL, ALL of them intended for internal and externally use simultaneously. Many of these remedies have two or three homonyms or complements producing the same effect but acting more or less rapidly or more or less efficaciously accordingly to the constitution.

These medicines registered in Germany without indication. The names of the remedies are as follow.

1. The Series of the Metabolism- Remedies

Primarily takes effect on the organs working for the exterior assimilation as well as gastric intestinal canal with glandular appendage, then secondarily on those organs and tissues being usefully combined with them, which works for the interior assimilation, and last, but not least universally or constitutionally through the influence of these important organic functions on the whole organisms, that’s why it is called universal remedy.

i)             st 1 cochleria

ii)            st 2 – lycopodium

iii)           st3- scrophularia

iv)           st4 – saraparilla

v)            st 5 berberis

vi)           st6 solidago

vii)          st7- malva

viii)         st8 veronica

ix)           st -9 naturium

x)             st10 centaurium

xi)           st 11 lobelia

xii)           s12 – eupharsia

2. The Series of Tissue Remedies

It acts especially influences the cellular structure, for instance metabolism remedy influences the action, and the tissues remedy the structure of the organs, their composition, decomposition and recomposition

i)             c1 – caulophyllum

ii)            c2 – equisetum

iii)           c3 – mezerum

iv)            c4- symphytum

v)             c5 conium

vi)            c6 vincetoxicum

vii)          c7 millifolium

viii)         c8 chelodonium

ix)           c9 pulsatilla

x)            c10 podophylum

xi)           c11 rux tox

xii)           c12 sanguinaria

xiii)         c13 ailthatus

xiv)         c14 belladonna

xv)           c15 condurango

xvi)          c16 nux vomica

xvii)         c17 rhus aromatic

3. Series of the Blood Remedies

Influencing the blood and its motorial apparatus, cardiac and vascular system.

i)              A1 avena

ii)             A2 hamamelsis

iii)           A3 hydratatis

4. The Series of Pectoral Remedies

It acts influencing the respiratory organs, stands between the series of blood remedies and that of tissue remedies.

Pettorale for All disease of the chest and respiratory System

i)              P1 adiantum

ii)             P2 phelladrium

iii)            P3 drosera

iv)           P4 ipecaucennua

v)            P5 teuricum

vi)           P6 eucalyptus

vii)          P7  galeopsis

viii)         P8 glechoma

ix)           P9 polygala

5. The Series of the Fever or Nerve Remedies

It’s a far vaster effects than its name suggests and chiefly influences the whole, unconsciously working nervous apparatus, the sympathetic nerve centres and nerve braids, brain and spinal marrow. It chiefly affects nervous troubles in the circulation of the blood, in the peripheral vascular system as well as nervous derangement’s of the heart, besides interruptions in the regulation of temperature, production of sweat, the functions of our liver and of the other organs connected with the regulation of the metabolism and power balance.

i)              F1 aconitum

ii)             F2 cinchona

6 .The Series of the Intestinal Remedies

Different diseases are often connected with the appearance of the certain parasites means foreign substances in the human being for instance of different sorts of intestinal worms or of monocellular microscopically microbes. These ones essentially develop and breed because of an interrupted metabolism and an indisposition’s of the various tissues; they need a diseased cutlery- medium. The intestinal remedies stimulate the disinfecting made by ones own body, influence the intestines by purging and secreting, regulate the stools, in an especially favourable way with chronicle constipation through stimulating the intestinal glands and peristaltic. They are acting against worms by cutting the essential condition, that is the morbidly transformed contents of the intestines means fermentation, purification’s from these parasites, above all maw worms and spring or pin worms are susceptible. Moreover these remedies arouse the means of defence of the organism, thus are bactericide and, therefore, qualified as intermediate remedies against all acute and chronicle diseases all the more since they have similar qualities as the fever remedies as stimulants for the nerves.

i)              W1 allium

ii)             W2 tanacetum

7.The Series of the Lymph  Remedies

Its influences the lymphatic ways and the organs being charged to prepare, purify and move the lymph and the entire liquid between the tissues.

iii)              L1 echinacea

iv)              L2 abrotanum

8. The Series of the Constitutional Remedies

It is an old fact founded on experience that by the constant effects of heavy damages, especially by serious diseases or by the abuse of alcoholic and narcotic poisons the inherited constitution of a man may degenerate so that the worst constitutional defects are transmitted to his descendants. The constitution remedy is the chiefly remedy to fight such hereditary constitutional defects. It is one of the most universal, remedies generally to ameliorate our constitution, and therefore, extremely valuable also for supporting all the specific remedies. Combined with them, it may by use against all chronicle diseases, especially constitutional ones.

i)     V1 thuja

ii)    V2 steffensia

iii)   V3 Phytolacca

iv)    V4 Clematix

v)      V5 Vinca minor

9. The Series of Electrals

The Fluids are remedies prepared to influence the balance of nervous inpluses. Our brain is the centre of nervous inpluses. It contains millions of ganglion cells like stations for producing and in nerve power. But also directing important organs outside our brain, especially those situated in and next our organs of sense and our entrails, in our heart and intestines, in the big digestive glands there are numerous ganglions cells of such as kind, often combined in vast complexis to ganglions. The outer stations are also used for producing and directing nerve power. All these power and switching stations are connected to one another and to the big centres in our brain through conducting, the so called nerve fibres, which often combined like cables, run in thinner or thicker cords through all the parts of our body.

The Red                 positive

The Yellow            negative

The green             negative

The blue                positive

The white              neutral

These medicines are only for qualified practitioners, not sale for the general public.

We strongly recommend that if any condition persists that you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Special care should be taken when treating children, in pregnancy or for any ongoing disease and we recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional in these cases. All information given is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or individual. If you are using medicines you should always inform your GP, professional health practitioner or homoeopaths.

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Electro Homeopathy Medicine List

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