Dhootapapeshwar Product List

Dhootapapeshwar Product List PDF Download

Download PDF of Dhootapapeshwar Product List from the link available below in the article, Dhootapapeshwar Product List PDF free or read online using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Dhootapapeshwar Product List

Dhootapapeshwar Product List PDF read online or download for free from the official website link given at the bottom of this article.

Hello, Friends today we are sharing with you Dhootapapeshwar Product List PDF to help all of you. If you are searching Dhootapapeshwar Product List in PDF format then you have arrived at the right website and you can directly download it from the link given at the bottom of this page. Dhootapapeshwar Abhayarishta is a homeopathic medicine, traditionally used for the treatment of constipation. Contains laxative properties that rejuvenate intestines and effectively improve defecation. It can also be used to treat piles and ailments related to hemorrhoids.

Dhootpapeshwar is a well-known name in the world of Ayurveda. If it comes to dedicated and quality products, then the name of Dhootapeshwar is accepted first. This company was started by Vaidya Krishnashastri Purnik in 1872 from Mumbai. Here we are providing the list of Dhootapeshwar products list PDF with prices so that it is easy for the viewer to know the products of this company.

Dhootapapeshwar Product List PDF | Dhootapapeshwar Product Price List

S.NoMedicine NamePrice
1A. Flu. O. CillRs. 1870
2Arsha Hita ointmentRs 68
3Arsha Hita TabletsRs 132
4Asthiposhak TabletRs 102
7Brahmi Vati Suvarna yukta322
8Dhootapapeshwar A Flu-O-Cil Forte46
9Dhootapapeshwar ABHAYARISHTA117
10Dhootapapeshwar Abhraka Bhasma (Sahsraputi)3048
11Dhootapapeshwar Abhraka Bhasma (Shatputi)260
12Dhootapapeshwar Abhraloha Tablet102
13Dhootapapeshwar Agnikumar Rasa84
14Dhootapapeshwar Agnitundi Vati45
15Dhootapapeshwar Agnitundivati1212
16Dhootapapeshwar Akeek Pishti489
17Dhootapapeshwar Amlapitta Mishra219
18Dhootapapeshwar AMRITARISHTA138
19Dhootapapeshwar Amrutadi Guggul96
20Dhootapapeshwar Anandbhairav51
21Dhootapapeshwar Aravindasav127
22Dhootapapeshwar ARJUNARISHTA122
23Dhootapapeshwar Arogyavardhani257
24Dhootapapeshwar ASHOKARISHTA103
25Dhootapapeshwar ASHWAGANDHARISHTA154
26Dhootapapeshwar Avipattikar churna451
27Dhootapapeshwar Bhaskarlavan371
28Dhootapapeshwar Bolabaddha Rasa59
29Dhootapapeshwar bolbaddha rasa63
30Dhootapapeshwar Bruhat Kastoori582
31Dhootapapeshwar Bruhat Vata932
32Dhootapapeshwar CHANDANASAVA108
33Dhootapapeshwar Chandrakala Ras111
34Dhootapapeshwar Chandraprabha Vati215
35Dhootapapeshwar Chaturmukh Ras510
36Dhootapapeshwar Chousashta pippali73
37Dhootapapeshwar Chyavanprash169
38Dhootapapeshwar DASHMOOLARISHT156
39Dhootapapeshwar DRAKSHASAVA119
40Dhootapapeshwar Drakshovin138
41Dhootapapeshwar Ekangaveer Rasa74
42Dhootapapeshwar Gandhak Rasayana98
43Dhootapapeshwar Garbhapal Rasa101
44Dhootapapeshwar Godanti Bhasma49
45Dhootapapeshwar Gokshuradi112
46Dhootapapeshwar Heerak Bhasma854
47Dhootapapeshwar hingaswashtak Churna555
48Dhootapapeshwar Ichchhabhedi119
49Dhootapapeshwar Jayamangal Rasa1235
50Dhootapapeshwar Jeerakadyarishta198
51Dhootapapeshwar Kaishor Guggul106
52Dhootapapeshwar Kamdugha (Plain)55
53Dhootapapeshwar kamdugha (with Mouktikt)204
54Dhootapapeshwar KANAKASAVA119
55Dhootapapeshwar Kanchnar Guggul110
56Dhootapapeshwar Kantaloha3776
57Dhootapapeshwar Kapardika853
58Dhootapapeshwar Kaphakuthar Rasayana84
59Dhootapapeshwar Kaseesa Bhasma58
60Dhootapapeshwar Kaseesa Bhasma1903
61Dhootapapeshwar KHADIRARISHTA126
62Dhootapapeshwar Khadirarishta126
63Dhootapapeshwar Kravyad Rasa216
64Dhootapapeshwar Krumikuthar Rasa101
65Dhootapapeshwar Kukkutandatwak453
66Dhootapapeshwar Kumar Kalyan1168
67Dhootapapeshwar KUMARI ASAVA NO.1163
68Dhootapapeshwar Kutaj Parpati Vati178
69Dhootapapeshwar KUTAJARISHTA126
70Dhootapapeshwar Laghumalini2814
71Dhootapapeshwar Lakshadi Guggul114
72Dhootapapeshwar Laxmivilas79
73Dhootapapeshwar Loha Bhasma1208
74Dhootapapeshwar LOHASAVA117
75Dhootapapeshwar Mahalaxmivilas287
76Dhootapapeshwar MAHAMANJISHTA135
77Dhootapapeshwar MAHARASANADI144
78Dhootapapeshwar MAHASUDARSHAN Kadha238
79Dhootapapeshwar Mahayograj385
80Dhootapapeshwar Makardhwaja170
81Dhootapapeshwar Mallasindoor89
82Dhootapapeshwar Mandoora935
83Dhootapapeshwar Naga Bhasma102
84Dhootapapeshwar Panchamrut Loha382
85Dhootapapeshwar Panchamrut67
86Dhootapapeshwar Panchatikta90
87Dhootapapeshwar Pittashekhar Rasa392
88Dhootapapeshwar Prataplankeshwar56
89Dhootapapeshwar Praval Panchamrit96
90Dhootapapeshwar Praval Panchamrit w Mouktik8298 (1000 tabs)
91Dhootapapeshwar Praval Pishti128
92Dhootapapeshwar Pravala bhasma348
93Dhootapapeshwar Punarnavadi114
94Dhootapapeshwar PUNARNAVASAVA113
95Dhootapapeshwar Purnachandroday85
96Dhootapapeshwar Pushpadhanwa63
97Dhootapapeshwar Pushyanug578
98Dhootapapeshwar Rajahpravartani106
99Dhootapapeshwar Rajata Bhasma1037
100Dhootapapeshwar Rasamanikya75
101Dhootapapeshwar Rasaparpati68
102Dhootapapeshwar Rasaraj Rasa2038
103Dhootapapeshwar Rasarajeshwar727
104Dhootapapeshwar Rasasindoor170
105Dhootapapeshwar Sameerpannag131
106Dhootapapeshwar Sanjivani Gutika1156
107Dhootapapeshwar Sanjivani Gutika1116
108Dhootapapeshwar Saptamrut Loha1125
109Dhootapapeshwar SARASWATARISHT156
110Dhootapapeshwar Sarivadyasav156
111Dhootapapeshwar Shankha Bhasma1183
112Dhootapapeshwar Shankhavati91
113Dhootapapeshwar Sheetaprabha131

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Dhootapapeshwar Product List

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