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CBSE (Central Board of secondary/school examinations/education) is the board which is the governing body. Whereas, NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is the publishing body or publisher. CBSE runs Institutions/ and prescribes NCERT books for its courses.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization of the Government of India which was established in 1961 as a literary, scientific, and charitable Society under the Societies’ Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860).

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NCERT Human Ecology And Family Sciences Syllabus for Classes XI & XII

The curriculum in Human Ecology and Family Sciences (HEFS), formerly known as Home Science, has been framed keeping in view the principles of the National Curriculum Framework-2005 of the NCERT. The Human Ecology and Family Sciences (HEFS) curriculum has been framed to enable the learners to develop an understanding of...

NCERT Computer & Communication Technologies (CCT) Syllabus for Classes XI & XII

The National Curriculum Framework 2005 recommends that the theoretical component of the Higher Secondary stage should emphasize problem-solving methods and that the awareness of historical development of key concepts be judiciously integrated into the content. The proposed course of study is aligned with these broad guidelines. Download NCERT Computer &...

NCERT Indian Crafts Syllabus for Classes XI and XII

The subject of Indian Crafts will consist of three components in each year (classes XI and XII): I. Theory 40 marks II. Field Study 30 marks III. Applied Crafts 30 marks The theory part of the syllabus will have Two Units Unit I will consist of a general introduction, an...

NCERT Revised Syllabus of Biology for Classes XI and XII

This syllabus aims also at emphasizing the underlying principles that are common to both animals and plants, as well as highlighting the interrelationships of Biology with other areas of knowledge revised syllabus stresses the connection of the study of Biology to real-life problems -use of biological discoveries/innovations in everyday life...

NCERT Revised Syllabus of Chemistry for Classes XI and XII

National Curriculum Framework – 2005 recommends a disciplinary approach with appropriate rigor and depth with the care that the syllabus is not heavy and at the same time it is comparable to the international level. It emphasizes a coherent focus on important ideas within the discipline that are properly sequenced...

NCERT Revised Syllabus of Mathematics for Classes XI and XII

The Syllabus in the subject of Mathematics has undergone changes from time to time in accordance with the growth of the subject and emerging needs of society. Senior Secondary stage is a launching stage from where the students go either for higher academic education in Mathematics or for professional courses...

NCERT Revised Syllabus of Physics for Classes XI and XII

The syllabus for Physics at the Higher Secondary Stage has been developed with a view that this stage of school education is crucial and challenging as it is a transition from general science to discipline-based curriculum. The syllabus provides logical sequencing of the subject matter with proper placement of concepts...

Media Studies Syllabus for classes XI and XII

Media Studies objectives to develop in students an understanding of the concept and process of communication and to enable them to appreciate the potential and limitations of various communication processes and introduce students to different areas of mass communication. The media are the most widespread and influential system of communication...

Health & Physical Education Revised Syllabus For classes I – X

Department of Education in Social Sciences & Humanities revised the syllabus of Health & Physical Education subject for the students of class 1 to 10. It’s objective to help children know and accept individual and collective responsibility for healthy living at home, school, and in the community. To provide the...


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