nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF

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nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of nxnxn Cube Algorithms using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF

nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Hello, Friends today we are sharing with you nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF to help you. If you are searching nxnxn Cube Algorithms in PDF format then you have arrived at the right website and you can directly download from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Rubik’s Revenge presents a completely new challenge. You must mix up the puzzle with a few twists and turns and then try to match up the pieces until each face is a single color. However, you are advised to read the first few sections of this booklet first.

Rubik’s nxnxn Cube Algorithms – Solution

Step 1: Create a daisy

Action 1: Look at the top layer to locate the EDGE pieces that have a WHITE tile. Leave them where they are. See the example to the right and notice that at this stage it is okay if the white tile is not touching the YELLOW CENTER piece.

Action 2: Look at the middle layer. Move EDGE pieces that have a WHITE tile from the MIDDLE layer into the top layer.

Action 3: Look at the bottom layer. Move EDGE pieces that have a WHITE tile from the BOTTOM layer into the top layer.

Note:- Don’t forget the previous tip about bumping.

STEP 2: Create a white cross with matched edges and centerpieces

Holding your Rubik’s cube: Begin by holding your Rubik’s Cube with the daisy on the UP (U) face. Look at the FRONT face of the Rubik’s Cube.

Action 1: If the FRONT tile of the UP edge piece matches the CENTER tile color, go to Action 2. If not, turn the Up (U) face until it does.

Action 2 Turn the FRONT face two times (F2) so that the WHITE tile is now on the DOWN (D) face.

Action 3 Repeat Action 1 & 2 for each WHITE edge.

Action 4: Once all 4 edges have been correctly placed, flip your Rubik’s Cube over to see the WHITE cross (with matching edge tiles on the RED. BLUE. ORANGE, and GREEN faces).

STEP 3: Solve the white Corners

Notation System
Remember to look for sequences that do not disturb pieces already positioned: those pieces should end up where they started. Only record sequences that do this.

The movement of a layer is recorded by the layer’s name and an arrow. The arrow gives the direction that the front or top edge of that layer is moved one-quarter turn. Thus, for example:

Notation Indicates:

  • Front layer one-quarter twist to left.
  • Back layer one-quarter twist to right.
  • Top layer one-quarter twist to left.
  • Bottom layer one-quarter twist to left.
  • Left layer one-quarter twist down.
  • Right, layer one-quarter twist up.
  • Mid-Left Mid-Left layer one-quarter twist down.
  • Mid-Back Mid-Back layer a quarter twist to left.

Understand NXNXN Matrix Python

It will be easier to create a square matrix to get an understanding of the beginning. For example

  • If you want to create an MXN matrix that’s index i = 3.
  • Means have 3 numbers of rows and 3 numbers of columns.
  • matrix= [] #define empty matrix
  • Mistake position for i in xrange(3):
  • total row is 3 row=[] #Credits for Hassan Tariq for noticing it missing

XNXNXN Cube Algorithms PDF
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nxnxn Cube Algorithms PDF Download Link

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